Crisis in HealthCare:
Physician Dissatisfaction

ProMed Alliance will establish practice protocols to generate new revenues by establishing a specialized “Clinic” within the practice. New Practice Profit Center Clinic opportunities that are adjunct Health and Wellness programs to manage emerging chronic conditions-examples are Group Counseling, Cosmetic Procedures, monthly laboratory testing for target populations (diabetics), Diet Programs, and Diagnostic Testing.

According to the survey nearly half of the primary care physicians feel overworked, underpaid, plan to quit medicine altogether or plan on cutting back on their patient load.

One physician was quoted as saying “The whole thing has spun out of control. I plan on retiring early even though I love seeing my patients. The process has just become too overwhelming.”


What is important to Physicians?

“Patient relationships” ranked highest on the list of things physicians find satisfying about medicine, followed by “intellectual stimulation,” “professional/collegial relationships” and “prestige of medicine.” “Financial rewards” ranked last on the list of things physicians find most satisfying about medicine.


Physician Satisfaction and Medical Excellence will never be achieved until there is a change.